How to Choose the Right Child Custody Attorney

Anyone who has gone through a divorce knows just how draining the entire process can be in every way – emotionally, physically as well as financially. The pressure is even more overwhelming when your spouse wants to contest the custody of your child or children.

When it comes to fighting for child custody in a contested divorce, there is clearly a lot at risk – the future of your relationship with your child or children, their physical and mental well-being, and so on. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that you choose the right child custody attorney to represent you. We will provide you with useful tips to help you choose a child custody lawyer in Massachusetts who will provide you with legal counsel and assist you through every step until you reach your goal. But first, let us go through the different types of child custody.

Different types of child custody

Below, we explain the different types of child custody which are recognized by Massachusetts law:

  • Sole custody: In this type of custody, one parent receives full custody (both legal and physical) of the child and becomes the primary parent. Arrangements can be made for visitation for the other parent.
  • Joint custody: In this type of custody, the custody of the child is shared between both the parents. However, the time they are legally allowed to spend with the child may or may not be equal.
  • Physical custody: This type of custody determines which parent the child lives with on a regular basis. Arrangements can be made for visitation for the other parent, if only one parent has physical custody.
  • Legal custody: This type of custody gives a parent the right to have a say on the upbringing of their child or children, regarding major decisions like school, residence, the kind of religious instructions imparted to them, and so on.

Tips on choosing the right child custody attorney
As mentioned before, if you want to gain custody of your child, you need only the best to represent your case. Here are some useful tips to help you choose the right child custody attorney.

  • Look for qualified, experienced attorneys
    Do not settle on an attorney just because they charge less if this means the quality of the service is compromised. You need a qualified attorney who clearly knows the rules and laws regarding child custody and other related issues so that they can present their argument convincingly. Attorneys with adequate experience and an impressive history of reaching favorable resolutions should be on your radar.
  • Make sure the attorney is understanding, yet professional
    Divorce, including fighting for child custody is a taxing experience and you need an attorney who understands how distressing your situation can be, who can empathize, while still fulfilling their responsibilities efficiently. Your attorney needs to be understanding and responsive to your needs, and should respectfully listen to what you have to say.
  • Search for reviews, both online and offline
    If you have a firm or an attorney in mind whose help you would like to seek out, research them thoroughly first before making up your mind. Look for online reviews and testimonials of the services they have rendered. Ask around about how reliable and effective they are. Hire them only if you are absolutely confident that they can meet your goals.
  • Meet them face-to-face for a consultation first
    Make sure you set up a meeting with your potential attorney for a consultation. Discuss your case with them, ask them questions and see what they have to say. This will give you a glimpse of their knowledge and expertise.

If you want child custody attorneys in Massachusetts who are not only experienced and qualified but are sensitive and responsive to your needs, call Konstantilakis Law today for a consultation.