Our Mission

Our mission is to be your legal counselor, educator and guide through a stressful and demanding life event like bankruptcy, divorce or a work-related injury. We translate the seemingly complex and, sometimes, confusing legal process and the application of the law to your unique situation into a clear, easy to understand communication of your choice. We guide you through the legal world while acknowledging the human side of the legal case, you. And that is where it all begins, with you. We maintain a daily and heightened level of awareness about your legal situation, clinically, and compassionately by helping you to manage your expectations and fears through coaching and discussion.

Practice Areas

Offering affordable, easy-to-access legal solutions on the North Shore and throughout Massachusetts.

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Bad things happen to good people. Bankruptcy has been referred to as a “last resort” option. Sometimes, people with stellar credit scores, or steady employment...

Family Law

Divorce is rarely a pleasant experience, as it signals the end of a marriage and the potential splitting of a family. Compounding the difficult nature of the process are the many...

Workers’ Compensation

So much of our time is spent at work that the possibility of an accident at work is quite high.  One could slip and fall in an office or suffer other types of injuries...

Will I Win?

We all want to experience the exhilaration of “being right” or “winning” and so we want to know, in advance, what our likelihood of success will be before we make choices. Now, that’s an easy question if you’re talking about a simple and predictable thing. Oftentimes, legal cases are not simple or predictable and so the success of a case depends on, in part, how well you and your lawyer work together.

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how we collaborate

You and your lawyer’s abilities to collaborate, while working through the differences you are experiencing with your spouse, a creditor or employer within the context of a law suit, is necessary to the success of your case. So, that’s a lot of stress, right? Having to work, collaboratively, with your lawyer on a project you may not want to talk about because it is so stressful, scary or just too boring, sounds like a lot of work. And that’s where we come in. We work closely with you in ways that accommodate your schedule with off hours office or phone appointments and reduce travel time through the use of a cutting edge online client portal into our case management system and with easy to use video conferencing and computer screen share communication options, including texting with your attorney.

Our intentions are to develop and grow relationships with individuals, families and businesses located in our community of Peabody, and the surrounding cities and towns, and to provide information, guidance and legal representation to the community from a 360 degrees, top down, understanding of your life, how this legal problem is impacting you and how we plan on getting you through this challenge safely and quickly.

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